The design process starts by first understanding our Clients’ business and operational needs.

Only by understanding their business, can we develop design solutions that fully meet their needs and operational requirements, and account for future proofing, adaptability, maintenance and minimising downtime and business interruptions.

Once we understand the business needs of our Clients’, foremost in our minds at the start of the design process, is Health & Safety.

Every aspect of design development carefully considers how our design addresses Health & Safety risks during the construction stage; whilst in use; and during decommissioning. This approach is key to the success and use of the project.

Mindful of our social, moral and professional responsibilities; Sustainability, Environmental and Buildability requirements are all assessed and “built-in” to our designs from the very beginning.


Our highly trained, experienced and professionally qualified Structural Engineers provide innovative, cost effective sustainable engineering solutions on every structure we are engaged to design.

With a breadth of experience in most business sectors gained over many generations and passed down to our current staff, we have designed and successfully delivered structural solutions in the following areas;

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Bonded Warehouses
  • Distilleries, Factories
  • High-Bay Storage Facilities
  • Offices
  • Public Buildings
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
  • Sculptures
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Leisure Buildings
  • Sports Grounds and Stadiums
  • Swimming Pools
  • Private Residential Properties
  • Student Accomodation

Working in a 3D analysis and modelling environment using the latest technology and software packages allows us to provide Structural BIM models which can be integrated into the master project BIM Model which aids with coordination and buildability.

Our services

We can provide a range of structural surveys, from basic visual structural condition reports to in-depth structural assessments.

We can also undertake “Green Guide” structural assessments for Football and Rugby Stadia and sports grounds.

When things go wrong, we can provide Expert advice and assistance with failure investigations.

Using an evidence-based approach, our highly experienced Directors will carry out detailed examinations, surveys, research, analysis and materials testing in order to determine the facts surrounding a failure.

By adopting a methodical forensic engineering approach to all assessments, we can assist in determining the cause of a collapse or failure of a whole building or a small element.

In the current social and political environment, where Climate Change is at the forefront of debate and consciousness, we can provide Carbon (CO2) assessment in relation to construction activities and building use to assist our Clients in identifying potential savings and in quantifying Carbon reductions achieved through the design process and in the life of the building or facility.

We can provide Expert Witness services in disputes involving failures or claims.

All Expert Witness reports are wholly independent and written by Senior Directors in the business, and are written with Court Action in mind.

We have built up an expertise in the design of Public Artworks and Sculptures over many years and will work closely with the Artist and Foundry or Manufacturer to develop engineering designs and solutions which not only realise the artistic vision but account for the manufacturing process and installation complexities.

Through our long-standing relationship with a small network of sub-consultants, we can also provide Geo-Environmental and Geotechnical Surveys and Reports, Flood Studies, Traffic Impact Assessments, Ecology Reports and Bat Surveys.