Queen Margaret Drive

Residential development on one of the most prestigious sites in the city, occupying the grounds of the former BBC Studios overlooking the River Kelvin.

Location:  Glasgow
Client: David Wilson Homes
Cost: £45m
Completion: 2017

The former BBC HQ site in Glasgow’s west end was master planned for West Register Realisations and, following the approval of detailed planning, was sold to David Wilson Homes who engaged Blyth & Blyth to provide civil, structural, mechanical and electrical services.

The high-quality development comprises 19 four storey townhouses and 75 apartments across four blocks up to seven storeys high.

Key challenges

The site locations adjacent to the River Kelvin brings considerable issues in terms of design and construction as large-scale bank support works were required to stabilise the site. This was compounded by the fact there was a construction plant exclusion zone and a method of sacrificial piling was devised to allow plant to move freely near the slope and river without causing instability.

The previous structures on the site had been demolished but the legacy of past foundations and ground anchors had to be accommodated within the new design. This was done by using GPR surveying to locate below ground features then creating transfer structures to bridge them were removing them was impractical.


The development has proven to be one of the most sought after addresses in Glasgow and won the 2018 ‘Large Housing Development of the Year (Private)’ at the Scottish Home Awards and ‘Private Development of the Year – Medium’ at the Homes for Scotland awards.