Kings Warren Development

Red Lodge was a small commuter town of around 300 residential houses. The local farmer in conjunction with Crest Nicholson have used the surrounding land to expand the town to over 4500 units. The expansion started in 2003 and is ongoing.

Location:  Red Lodge Suffolk
Client: Crest Nicholson Eastern Ltd
Cost: £500m
Completion: Ongoing Since 2003

This housing development has been ongoing since 2003. Blyth & Blyth designed the drainage and highway infrastructure the expand the is Hamlet of around 300 housing units to its present size of around 4500 housing units. The development included some retail areas, schools and sports facilities. The highway network was connected to the A11 and A14 trunk roads. Foul drainage for the expansion was pumped to the main treatment works at Tuddenham.

Disposal of surface water was achieved by a completely SUDs based system whereby all surface water was infiltrated into the ground thus avoiding the requirement to create any new adoptable piped surface water drainage system. Blyth & Blyth carried out the detailed design of the majority of the phases of the Kings Warren Development although Crest sold some of the services Phases to other developers to cover the infrastructure cost. The development is ongoing as continues to expand eastwards to provide housing to serve commuters in the Bury St. Edmunds and Cambridge areas.

Key challenges

Blyth & Blyth had to work with the Client’s planning team to provide workable layouts which took account of highway connectivity to the existing network. Layouts also had to work with areas allocated to surface water drainage infiltration while separating adoptable highway drainage from private drainage maintained by management companies


The Kings Warren Development has been a highly successful for the client, Crest Nicholson Eastern Ltd. Housing has sold well in this scheme due to its proximity to Bury St. Edmunds and Cambridge and the quality of the design and planning that have gone into this scheme by Blyth & Blyth and other members of the design team.