Glen Ord

As part of Diageo’s expansion strategy to increase their Malt Whisky production capabilities, Glen Ord Distillery which is located at Muir of Ord in Inverness-shire, was selected as one of the sites that could be expanded to provide the increase in production.

Location:   Muir of Ord
Client: Diageo
Cost: £5m
Completion: 2015

In 2012 Diageo appointed Blyth & Blyth to the Lead Consultant role, for the Civil, Structural and Building. Services aspects of the project. The scope of the project included:-

  • Part demolition of the old Distillery buildings to accommodate new Hot and Warm well tanks
  • Internal down takings within old Malt storage building, to form a new tun room for 14 wooden washbacks
  • Part demolition of old Saladin Building and the construction of a new still house to accommodate a 3 Wash Stills and Spirit Still
  • Alterations to existing Building to create new Mash House and CIP room
  • External bunds for Spent Lees and Pot Ale Tanks
  • Extension of Boiler House to accommodate new Boiler
  • Alterations to existing Buildings to house new Cooper removal plant
  • Bases for cooling towers
  • Underground pipe runs for process related services
  • External roads and infrastructure

Key challenges