Cluny Bond

Due to production demands for whisky, Diageo required to develop a new maturation warehousing hub. To achieve this, they purchased a site at Begg Farm, Kirkcaldy. The site is located to the north west side of Kirkcaldy, and consists of 220 hectares of agricultural land and reclaimed opencast coal workings.

Location: Kirkcaldy
Client: Diageo
Cost: £120m
Completion: Phase 6 completed 38 of 46 warehouse constructed.

The site is being developed over phases and on completion will be a complex of:-

  • 46 number 3 cell 6000 square meter palletised warehouses. The warehouses are for palletised storage, each cell is 2000 square meters, sprinklered.
  • 2500 square meter Disgorging and Filling site with associated tank farms
  • A 100 square meter office and welfare facility
  • Gate House
  • New 2-kilometre entrance roadway
  • Internal yards and infrastructure
  • Landscaping and SUDs ponds

Key challenges

The key challenges where to get the design of the warehouse and site infrastructure to the correct specification and best value, as due the scale of the project a small saving would result in a large over all saving throughout the phases of the project.


The various phases of the project have been delivered on time and to budget.The facility is now nearing completion.

“Edrington have worked with Blyth and Blyth for the past 15 years on various projects throughout the group and during this time we have developed a close and trusting partnership. B&B offer the full range of engineering services, allowing us to have a one stop shop on engineering consultancy requirements, with the obvious benefits this brings. B&B experience in the whisky industry is second to none which has the double benefit of not wasting time and money having to explain the process each time. As said previously, Edrington have been working with B&B for more than15 years and with a fair wind this relationship will continue for a further 15 years and beyond.”

George McKenzie Engineering Director, The Edrington Group