Cedar Maltings, Stowmarket

Muntons undertook a wholesale refurbishment and upgrade of the 4 germination boxes at their Cedars Maltings in Stowmarket, whilst minimizing lost production by designing and phasing the works so that one pair of boxes remained in production at all times.

Location: Stowmarket
Client: Muntons
Cost:  Undisclosed
Completion: 2020

Blyth & Blyth provided Civil & Structural and Building Services engineering design on the project which included deconstruction of the existing boxes and mechanical plant, retention and repair of the existing building shell, and the construction of new boxes within the building shell comprising new structural steel framing, stainless steel boxes, and new hygienic insulated wall and roof linings appropriate to a food-grade production facility.

The works involved the demolition of the Pavilion and Office building to promote a clear view of the warehouse façade, inviting guests inwards through the new lowland floral inspired landscaped garden. This included culverting over the existing lade to form a central plaza which houses the inspired Johnny Walker Statue.

Key challenges

The key challenge was to maintain production on 2 boxes at all times, whilst providing a safe working environment for Munton’s staff and the Contractors throughout. Extensive investigation and design was carried out in advance of the works so that the risk of unforeseen technical problems resulting from working within an old and corroded building was minimized.


The project was carried out successfully and on budget in two separate 15 week phases, with extended working patterns to minimize loss of production across the project. The life of the germination boxes has been extended by 20+ years, and the new facility provides a more consistent malting environment and is cheaper to operate through the extensive use of internal hygienic finishes and improved thermal insulation.