Bruichladdich Warehousing

Due to the increased requirement for warehousing and Bruichladdich’s philosophy that all its whisky is to be matured on the island of Islay, further warehousing is required on the island to accommodate the continued production of Bruichladdich Whisky.

Location: Isle of Islay
Client: Remy
Cost: £20m
Completion: Ongoing

As space within the Distillery complex is restricted alternative sites on the island have been reviewed for development, and the site adjacent to the Distillery, at Coltoursay Farm has been selected for the Warehousing expansion.

The facility will cover some 14 acres including all buildings, internal roads, drainage and landscaping.

The development includes:

4 number racked maturation warehouses, each with 3x1000m2 cells, and 2 number racked maturation warehouses, each with 2x1000m2 cells.

1 number, 500 square meter Disgorging and Filling store.

New incoming utilities to the site, power and water.

New access roadway to site, internal roads and associated infrastructure and landscaping.

Key challenges

One of the key challenges of the project was to come up with a design that would work with the logistics of working on an Island and reducing the amount of onsite labour required during the construction phase. This resulted in the design of precast wall panelling solution being utilised for both the internal and external walls. As the Client required a traditional feel to the warehouses, the  precast was installed and a render finish applied after the warehouse went into operation, which suited both labour requirement and assisted to mitigate programme issues with inclement weather, a feature of islands work.

Another challenge was working with the contactor to ensure that the design process dove tailed with the construction process to make sure all material were available as required and the logistics of transportation to the island was a major item in the planning process.


The site area has been platformed, with two phases of construction complete providing the initial two number warehouses in operation, with the third phase due to commence in June 2019 providing a further two number warehouses.

“Edrington have worked with Blyth and Blyth for the past 15 years on various projects throughout the group and during this time we have developed a close and trusting partnership. B&B offer the full range of engineering services, allowing us to have a one stop shop on engineering consultancy requirements, with the obvious benefits this brings. B&B experience in the whisky industry is second to none which has the double benefit of not wasting time and money having to explain the process each time. As said previously, Edrington have been working with B&B for more than15 years and with a fair wind this relationship will continue for a further 15 years and beyond.”

George McKenzie Engineering Director, The Edrington Group